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Personal Note from CEO


What an awesome task we have been commissioned with to provide quality therapeutic services to the Caribbean and Haitian-Creole populations in Central Florida.  We opened our doors to our diverse community in September 2003 and started as   an idea and now have blossomed to social service agency. Currently we support two social service driven and three community service driven programs: The C.A.R.I.B.E. Therapeutic Program, Kreyol Lekol Program, Teen Dream Program (Teen Pregnancy Awareness), Back to School Day Program and Scholarship Extravaganza. We employ tutors, mentors, case managers, Mental health clinicians and more. The backbone of our agency support cultural diversity, education and volunteerism.As the only known Caribbean community service  based and community service driven  organization in Central Florida to date, there is none other  that has impacted so many lives for our people as the Caribbean Community Connection of Orlando, Inc.  We are a needed service and we  welcome the opportunity to do what we do best. We stand by our  Mission Statement :To foster and cultivate ties to the Caribbean Community via socialization, education and community outreach projects and partnerships. And we will do just that! As the President/Chief Executive Officer it is my desire that we continue to grow in spirit and awareness while promoting our ideals and servicing this great community!As always, the Caribbean Community Connection of Orlando  takes a proactive response to the concerns of the Caribbean community and values education as a key component to success.

                                  For we believe “An Educated Community is a Proactive Community.”     

         God Bless You and Thank You for this Great Opportunity! 

              Anjiro Gabriel

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