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Our Story

Caribbean Community Connection of Orlando, Inc. begun in September 2003 and is the only known Caribbean community based service organization in Orlando, Florida, to date.


Caribbean Community Connection has a host of projects that are geared specifically for children between the ages of 6 to 18 years.


The organization sponsors five programs: Back to School Day Festival, Teen Dream - Teen Pregnancy Awareness, C.A.R.I.B.E. Therapeutic/Tutoring and Kreyol Lekol and our Scholarship Extravaganza. The “Adopt a School Program” initiative supports all five yearly projects.


The Caribbean Community Connection relies on donations, contracts and grants as major funding sources.

Today's Situation

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

There is an estimated 142,134 Caribbean or Caribbean American persons living in the Central Florida area today.


Caribbean population groups are diverse and involve many sub groups with different ancestry and race. Some include African, East Indian, Carib Indian, Arawak Indian, Chinese, European among others.

African Caribbean account for 40% of the total amount of Caribbean Americans in Orlando.

Caribbean Community Connection of Orlando, Inc. is the first known Caribbean Community Service driven organization in the Orlando area.

Our Board Members

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